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Winter Yellowstone Tours

The winter Yellowstone tours operate from about the middle of December through the middle of May. They are a really unique way to see the world's first national park as many never get to see it. All of the tours go to the geyser basins on the lower loop, highlighted by Old Faithful, while many tours also visit Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone on a second day.  There is also the option of taking a snowmobile out by yourself on a third day, and riding through the forests, and up and down the mountains, around West Yellowstone.  
Three day Yellowstone winter tour  Shuttle from Salt Lake up to Yellowstone on day one, and take a snowmobile or snowcoach into Yellowstone on the second day. You will visit a selection of the Lower Geyser Basin, the Midway Geyser Basin, Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin, Black Sand Basin and Biscuit Basin.  You can expect to see a lot of wildlife as well.  Complete details ...
Four day Yellowstone winter tour   The same as the above tour, except that you spend an extra day inside Yellowstone.  This time you go to the magnificent Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  On the way you will once again see wildlife, and also stop to see other thermal features, including Beryl Spring.  Complete details ...
The three day winter Yellowstone tour is also available from Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  On this tour you will fly from any one of those cities to Salt Lake.  From Salt Lake you will shuttle up to Yellowstone, where you will then go on the lower loop tour, stopping at other geyser basins on the way, to Old Faithful.  There is once again the option of touring the park by snowcoach or snowmobile. 
The four day Yellowstone winter tour is also available from all three cities:  Las Vegas   Los Angeles   San Francisco. This tour will be the same as the above tour, with the addition of an extra day touring up to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  What a treat!


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