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Yellowstone Tours From Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the closest major airport to Yellowstone National Park, and this is where most of our Yellowstone tours depart from. You will get the best prices on air fares flying into Salt Lake.  Please let us know if we can help you find a good deal.  The roads through the park make up a gigantic figure of eight, and most of the tours you see below are divided into separate days on the upper and lower loops of the park that make up the eight.


By Bus

NEW FOR 2011/2012 - Winter Yellowstone tours!

Three day Yellowstone winter tour  Shuttle from Salt Lake up to Yellowstone on day one, and take a snowmobile or snowcoach into Yellowstone on the second day. You will visit a selection of the Lower Geyser Basin, the Midway Geyser Basin, Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin, Black Sand Basin and Biscuit Basin.  You can expect to see a lot of wildlife as well.  Complete details ...
Four day Yellowstone winter tour   The same as the above tour, except that you spend an extra day inside Yellowstone.  This time you go to the magnificent Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  On the way you will once again see wildlife, and also stop to see other thermal features, including Beryl Spring.  Complete details ...


One day Yellowstone bus tour   This is the only one day Yellowstone tour being offered. You drive up to Yellowstone in the morning, and are in the park before noon. The tour focuses on Yellowstone's most famous attractions - the geysers, including Old Faithful - as well as wildlife. You return to Salt Lake that evening.


Yellowstone Summer Tours

The best Yellowstone tour   You see just about all that Yellowstone has to offer in just three days, plus Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole. On this small group tour you depart Salt Lake on the first morning, and travel through Utah and Idaho into Montana. We enter Yellowstone shortly before noon, and a mile or so up the road cross into Wyoming. We're going to be touring part of the lower loop today, including, of course, Old Faithful! Day two sees us exploring the upper loop, and on the third day we'll do the much of the rest of the lower loop, before making our way south to Grand Teton and Jackson Hole.
Four day Yellowstone tour   You will shuttle up to Yellowstone on the first day, and spend the night in a motel right next to the park.  The next day you will tour the upper loop, with the lower loop being done on the third day, before shuttling back to Salt Lake on day four.


Three day Yellowstone tour       You shuttle up to the park on the first day, and spend the night in a motel in West Yellowstone.  The next day you will tour the lower loop, where Old Faithful and all the geysers are.  The night is spent in the same motel and the next day you shuttle back to Salt Lake City.
Five day Yellowstone and Grand Teton trip  This tour is currently not available This is the same as the four day tour, above, except that you spend an extra day in the region, touring Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole.

Combination Bus/Air

Yellowstone one day air tour  Depart from Salt Lake in the morning and fly to Yellowstone, where our guide will pick you up at the local airport.  Within minutes you'll be in the park, where you will tour most, if not all of the lower loop.  This is where all the geysers, hot springs, mud pots an fumaroles are, including, of course Old Faithful.   One of the highlights of the trip is watching Old Faithful erupt.  That evening you will fly back to Salt Lake.
Three day Yellowstone trip   There are two options here.  On both tours you will travel up to Yellowstone the first day, tour the upper loop the second day, and the lower loop the third day.  You will then fly back to Salt Lake the third night.  The difference between the two tours is that with the one you fly up to Yellowstone, and with the other you shuttle there.  You spend the night on this tour, and all the others at the closest motel to Yellowstone.
Four day Yellowstone and Grand Teton  In addition to touring both the upper and lower loops of the park, you also spend a day touring Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole.
Overnight Yellowstone trip  You will either shuttle or fly up to Yellowstone the first day, and then spend the second day touring the lower loop, where all the geysers are. 


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