Two Yellowstone tours are offered from Las Vegas.  They are six day excursions which are effectively a combination of two of our three day Grand Canyon and more tours and our three day Yellowstone ground tour.

Departing from Las Vegas you will tour through Zion National Park on the way to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  At Zion you will have the opportunity of horseback riding up the Virgin River.  We prefer to go to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, as opposed to the South, as it is far less crowded and the views from the top are far more spectacular.  After touring the Canyon we will travel across the deserted Arizona Strip, before reaching Page, on the shores of Lake Powell.  If you're not too tired we'll take in a hike to Horseshoe Bend, a spectacular overlook of the Colorado River from the canyon rim far above.  The night is spent in Page.

The next day you'll go for a half day float trip on the Colorado River, before traveling over Navajo Nation land to Monument Valley.  Your tour will be led by a Navajo guide who will show you the buttes, mesas and rock shapes that make up the famous monuments.  You will also experience a little Navajo culture.  The night is once again spent in Page.

The next day you will tour Antelope Canyon, a spectacular slot canyon, and then proceed along a particularly picturesque Utah back road to Bryce Canyon.  Bryce is known for is hoodoos, an assortment of weirdly and wonderfully shaped and colored rock formations.  Salt Lake City is a few hours up the road, and this is where you will spend the night, at the downtown Crystal Inn, which is close to Temple Square and the Mormon Tabernacle. 

The next day you will leave Salt Lake and the first major activity on is horseback riding on the Continental Divide.  The night is spent in West Yellowstone.  The roads through Yellowstone make up a massive figure of eight, and on day five you tour Yellowstone's entire upper loop.  On day six you do most of the lower loop, Grand Teton National Park, and go river rafting on the Snake River.  All meals are provided on the Yellowstone portion of the trip.  More information.

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